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Solar Generator Kit – Inergy Kodiak Battery

Inergy Kodiak Portable Solar generator has been offering necessary services through its lightweight and compact design. It comes with Predator 50 solar power which conserves 50 watts of energy in addition to a modular design, shatterproof and waterproof material. Image result for solarPresence of a Li-on Battery of 90Ah has been seen at the same time. Therefore, it can be easily declared as one of the best solar powered generators. From the brand, you can also get a car socket of 2 12V, outlet of 30A RV and 6 110V along with four USB ports.

Using Solar Charger as an excellent source of power supply during emergency situations

For a home backup, it is not possible to find any other system apart from Inergy Kodiak Portable Solar Generator which is packed with a charger. Over the years solar power generator of portable nature has improved. It has become possible certainly due to its solar generator kits. Experts have considered it as a reliable source in comparison to Humless and Goal Zero Yeti Series without any doubt. As you use the generator along with its kit, you may understand that it is more effective without any doubt. Essential appliances can be run quite naturally with the use of the generator naturally.

Now-a-days, solar panels have been delivered with higher battery power. It is certainly as you travel with the portable solar generator. Issues are not seen at all to light up the house perfectly. Due to huge storage of power, it can serve with both AC and DC current. Different output ports are utilized for credible results. Several options of charging can be noticed with solar panel, house currents and battery banks. Charging of the battery is generally accomplished with the assistance from the solar panel of similar size. Due to presence of battery, the device can be charged anytime anywhere. Emergency power can be obtained according to the requirement of the hour. Clean service is offered without any noise always.

Battery pack with Lithium-ion weights around 20 pounds with the measurement of 7”X 14”X 8”. The capacity of the battery has been rated at 90 Ah. Essential applications have been provided with the device. Location for connecting with addition source of battery is also offered. Therefore, strength of portable solar power generator can be expanded further without any hassle.

Predator Solar Panel does its job with precision

In terms of weight Predator Solar Panel is about 4 pounds. However, it has an excellent system that offers 50 Watts of energy. Due to waterproof and shatterproof design of the panel, there is no need to be extra cautious while handling the system. Panels can be attached with each other if required. However, from mere two panels, generator can be charged within 11 hours. Duration for charging can be limited by adding panels with the system.

Presently, Inergy Kodiak Portable Solar Charger has been offered with five solar panels. Single panel can be obtained at the price of $ 1260. Difference in terms of specification can be found at some time also. If you look at the Goal Zeri Yeti series then it can be obtained at the price of $ 1600. However, the weight is about 100 pounds.